To live a healthy lifestyle, your diet plan or dieting habit does not have to be dramatically altered.  Your foods do not need to be boring; to the contrary, your healthy diet plan can be enjoyable and simple.

Small changes can lead to a better and healthy living style without major compromises to your tastes and foods.

Healthy Eating/Living Requires Little Perseverance

How? To achieve a healthy living style, your healthy eating habit must be consistent and requires a little perseverance effort from you.

Will your effort worth it? You can bet your life on it! You must have the desire to live a healthy life; otherwise, all your efforts will be fruitless and do you no good at all.

What you need is a balanced and healthy eating habit. What is a balance eating habit?  It is about eating variety of grains, fruits, meats and vegetables and in moderation.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. It’s a habit you get used to. Once you have started and maintained, it will become easier every day.

Not all the foods are the same. You need to know what kind of food to eat, to avoid according to your own body type. For example, weak body type persons should avoid eating cold natured food and should eat more of warm-natured foods.

The Essence of Chinese Healthy Eating/Living

Modern nutrition theory believes a complete and moderate nutrient system, i.e. a balanced dieting, is essential in maintaining one’s health and well-being.

Chinese medicine could be said was the earliest in nurition history in promoting a balanced diet systematically and theoretically.  Chinese medicine has long advocated a balanced dieting to achieve a healthy and lively living.

Dated as early as 475 BC, The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (Huangdi Neijing, 黃帝內經), an ancient Chinese medical text and the Chinese medicine’s fundamental doctrinal source for over 2000 years, had already pointed out the importance of the balanced dieting with Four-Fives: Five Grains for Nutrients, Five Fruits for Assistance, Five Animals (Meats) for Benefits, and Five Vegetables for Supplement.

What the theory of Four-Fives exactly saying is that grains are foundation for our daily energy need and survival; fruits, vegetables and meat are there for assistance, benefit and supplement, to help our body to fully abosrorb nurients and help us stay healthly.

Foods can be classified according to five flavours/tastes: spicey, sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, four natures: cool, cold warm and hot. To be exact, there should be five natures as some foods are nature netural under most circumstances.

The four natures are so categorized according the energetic effects following food consumption while the five flavours are distinguished by their tastes.

Cold, cool natured foods are generally suitable for persons with high energy and for summer consumption; while hot and warm foods are good for people with low energy or for winter eating.

Foods may assist or hinder our efforts to maintain healthy style or for speedy recovery from illness. It is not just a matter of eating nourishing healthy food but of eating healthy food that is right for our body build and types.

The flavors of food also have different effects on different persons.

It is worthy of mentiong that many foods tend to have a variety of flavor; different cooking methods can change food taste.

Chinese medince emphasizes that one needs to pay attention Four-Five’s and Four(naturess)-Five(tastes).

Daily dieting must be planed according to the two Four-Fives. Maintaing a balanced dieting habit, not over eating and showing partiality toward certain type of foods.

Many diseases can traced their origin back to imbalanced diet habit.

Balanaced and in moderation, foods are better than medicine! In some way, foods are medicine.

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Wish  you a better, healthy living style!

photo credit: shixugang via pixabay