Mulberry bush… Here we go round the mulberry bush…

Mulberry season is upon us and there are plenty of mulberry trees around in the city and rural areas. What mulberry?

One day, you may be walking by an unknown fruit tree with fruit droppings have “disgracefully” stained the side walk black and purple, and strangely enough one or several persons, more likely Chinese, are picking some unknown black, red “thing” and hungrily swallowed them. To your astonishment, they were enjoying the fruits. How could they eat that thing!?

It could be you the passer-by and I the picker and enjoyer. I would always invite you to a delicious feast, but sadly most of you would scurry away like being offered a poison.

If you were the passer-by, every year, you would be missing a great chance to enjoy one of the most delicious fruits and most importantly to derive many health benefits the fruits may bring to you.

The black things in question are mulberries or mulberry fruits.

The mulberry fruits are white, green, or pale yellow when immature; they turn pink then red while ripening, finally dark purple or black before falling onto ground.

Mulberry Delicious and Full of Health Benefits

Mulberry fruits are delicious with many health benefits.

Mulberry fruits contain carbohydrate, vitamins B1, B2, C, carotene, calcium, inorganic salts, malic acid, tannic acid, cornflower and mulberry oil.

They are known have the following main medical/health benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure – mulberry nutrients enrich the blood stream and in the process, sooth the nerves.
  • Increase saliva production, result in increase of appetite and help digestive system
  • Trreat anemia and insomnia – mulberry juice helps cure health problem like anemia, pallor, dizziness, heart palpitations and insomnia.
  • Help to treat dry eye and  strengthen vision
  • Help hair growth – mulberry juice can be applied directly on head and can help  blacken gray hair and promote healthy hair growth

Plant a Mulberry Tree

Plant a Mulberry TreeMulberry fruits are not only a treat to human, but as you have undoubtedly noticed, they are delicious to and attract many species of birds. Do not let the bird eat all of your mulberry fruits.

Next time when you walk by a mulberry tree, please do not be like the priest and the Levite who carefully pass by, show your compassion towards mulberry fruits. Eat some! Like the Good Samaritan, you will be rewarded. If you are reluctantly to eat right from the tree, you may pick some Mulberries in a container, gently wash them in water, then eat them.

To enjoy the long lasting benefits of mulberry, plant a mulberry tree in your backyard.  Eat raw, or harvest and store them for future consumption.


photo credit: janaprusova, Danganhfoto via pixabay