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Healthy Diet Plan Made Easy

Get Your Copy from Amazon Healthy Diet Plan Made Easy, a practical guide to start a healthy diet plan, is available for purchase from Amazon Kindle Store. Hyped by some unscrupulous diet plans, some become overly concerned with calories or food portion sizes. Healthy eating is not about exact science of measuring food portions and nutrient values, is not about losing … [Read more...]

Energetic healthy living – flow with sun clock, Zi Wu Liu Zhu

Ever wonder why you are always tired and lack energy?  It has been an alarming fact that any of us are suffering from constant fatigue syndrome. Your constant tiredness or exhaustion could be due to a medical condition, but in majority of the cases, is due to lack of energy and lack of quality sleep. You could have the same six hour sleep, but when you get into bed makes … [Read more...]

Healthy eating, healthy living is enjoyable but requires little consistence

To live a healthy lifestyle, your diet plan or dieting habit does not have to be dramatically altered.  Your foods do not need to be boring; to the contrary, your healthy diet plan can be enjoyable and simple. Small changes can lead to a better and healthy living style without major compromises to your tastes and foods. Healthy Eating/Living Requires Little … [Read more...]

Healthiest meal/superdinner, anyone?

The "healthiest meal ever" has been created by food scientists, Leatherhead Food Research, a Leatherhead, Surrey based research institute, has claimed. Based on scientific merits/facts, food researchers selected 222 health claims (cleared by EU food watchdogs) by filtering over 4,000 health claims used by manufacturers and supermarkets to tempt shoppers into buying their … [Read more...]

Green bean drink, effective summer heat relief drink

Hot summer season is upon us (at least here in North America) and people are seeking heat relief in any way they can find during the hot steaming days. Green bean drink/soup is an economical, easy to make, and effective summer heat relieving drink. Green bean, also known as mung bean, contains several kinds of vitamins (C, K, A, B6, B2, B1, and B3), molybdenum, magnesium, … [Read more...]

Mulberry, naturally delicious and very good for your health

Mulberry bush... Here we go round the mulberry bush... Mulberry season is upon us and there are plenty of mulberry trees around in the city and rural areas. What mulberry? One day, you may be walking by an unknown fruit tree with fruit droppings have "disgracefully" stained the side walk black and purple, and strangely enough one or several persons, more likely Chinese, … [Read more...]

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