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Hyped by some unscrupulous diet plans, some become overly concerned with calories or food portion sizes. Healthy eating is not about exact science of measuring food portions and nutrient values, is not about losing unrealistic amount of weight, it is all about making small changes to your daily eating habit, is about making you having more energy and being energetic in your daily routines.

To live a healthy lifestyle, your diet plan does not have to be dramatically different and your eating habit drastically altered. To live healthy is not simple about eating boring foods; to the contrary, your diet plan can be very enjoyable.

Healthy diet plan is all about balance, variety and moderation. The essence of healthy diet plan is to make conscious food choices according to our body types, to be persistent and keep adjusting.

Healthy diet plan is easy, but living healthy will require you to put efforts and you must want to live healthily. It cannot be half-heart efforts. It will be up to you to start, develop a healthy diet plan, to be persistence, and to keep the newly developed health dieting habit.

This food guide is aiming to help you start and develop a healthy diet plan and diet habit by pursuing a systematic way of selecting proper food nutrition sources and in so doing you can eventually develop or acquire, and maintain a healthy diet habit for life.

Is healthy living worthy of our best effort? You bet!